Database configuration and general installation settings are found in the file This file is contained in the executable jar file of ReportWeaver. It can be extracted and modified. The modified version can be placed in ReportWeavers installation directory, or in the users home directory.

The following properties can be set:

UserDir specifies a directory which ReportWeaver uses as home directory for its save files. If this property is empty or not specified, the users home directory is used.

SystemDir specifies a directory where database related files are read from.

The format is a URL like file name. (Use slashes for directories) or a UNC (Windows network file name). If you use a UNC (Windows style) name you have to double the backslashes. (This makes four backslashes to specify another machine on the network)

UserDir: /d:/Program Files/ReportWeaver/saves

SystemDir \\\\server\\databases

Here you can also seespecify mappings from external files on one computer to file locations on another computer where your reports will be deployed.