When a repository is deployed or simply transferred to another computer, the configuration and the location of external resources (files) may change. The resources affected are CLASSPATH entries, image files, documentation files and internationalisation configurations. ReportWeaver allows to store the templates in a format, that extracts configuration info into a separate file that can be customized for development and deployment. For deployment or transfer, this deployment header must be edited.

Please use "Save as deployable ..." in the file menu of the editor to split the template set into the configuration header and the actual template set. You will be asked for two filenames: the header takes the extension .rwdh (ReportWeaver Deployable Header) the data file takes the extension rwdt (ReportWeaver Deployable Templates)

How to work with deployable headers.

The idea behind the deployable headers is that they can be easily adjusted. It is also possible to duplicate the header, configure it and then exchange the rwdt file only. This would be the recommended way for a situation where the reports are frequently changed and must be redeployed. To do this create a duplicate deployment header, change all the settings for deployment and put it into your set of files for deployment. Now you can add the rwdt file after editing without any reconfiguration.

Editing the deployment header

The header is an xml file that can be edited using a text editor or xml editor. The file below is a typical example. The highlighted regions can be changed.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<connector name="com.qintsoft.joria.datasources.osjicurtain.gui.OSJICurtainConnector"/>
   <extraClasspath >

The meaning of the configurable tags:

Tag Attribute Content
reportweavertemplate localRepositoryPure The name of the file that holds the actual templates.
centralRepositoryPure Optional. The name of the file that contains the set of locked templates and resources. This is used in conjunction with overlays.
map from Defines a pattern that is applied to icon and report documentation files. To match, a file name must start with the pattern. Longer (more specific) patterns take precedence. There can be any number of file mappings, each defined in a map tag.
to Defines a replacement for a file part.
com.qintsoft.joria.datasources... curtainFile The file path of the schema definition file.
extraClasspath s A list of urls that are added to the classpath when reportweaver is run. Please enclose each url in an <s> tag.
internationalisation propertiesName The name stem for internationalisation files.
  directory The directory where internationalisation files are stored.