The frame properties allow you to define settings for each frame. The settings in the frame specify how the frame is formatted and define defaults for the text format of the cells in the frame. These settings may be inherited from the  page and they will be cascaded to the contained  tables and  cells.

The frame has three property groups (pages)

  1. Frame Here properties are set that are special to frames, and that will not cascade.
  2. Text Text formatting properties. These are inherited from the page and will be cascaded down to the tables and cells. see the text properties.
  3. Border The settings for  frame borders.

Basic Frame Properties

The name of the frame style. Type the name of your style. The styles whose names start with an asterisk '*' are predefined styles whose names can not be changed. Their properties can though.
Frame Background
The background for the frame as a whole. This is the color used for empty cells and for the indentation of cell borders.
Whether the frame can be broken at a page border.
Whether the cells of the frame are stretched horizontally to occupy the whole frame. If set to no each cell will only be as wide as its contents, but not wider.
The width of the frame or Flex which makes the frame as wide as the page margins allow.
The width of the frame or Flex which makes the frame as high as the page margins allow or as high as its contents require.