To set up your jdbc data connection, please use the JDBC schema wizard.

  1. To set up a new connection, start the jdbc connection wizard from your start page.
  2. To change a connection in a schema file, apply the jdbc connection wizard to an existing schema file.

Setting connection parameters

connection setup
  1. Please choose the predefined drivers from the list. If you do not find a suitable driver, please select "other".
  2. This will display the driver class. You can overwrite this class name to use a different driver. If the driver class, can not be found in the classpath, then (upon pressing next) the file chooser will pop up where you can choose a jar file with the driver.
  3. Fill out the user name for your database connection.
  4. Fill out the password for your database connection.
  5. For known drivers, you just have to fill the fields in the property list.
  6. Please double-click into the Value column, to edit a setting.
  7. If you want to specify special parameters, or if you are using a new driver, then you need to fill the connection url (command string) directly.
  8. This is the connection string that will be passed to the driver.
  9. When you press next, the template studio will test the connection and then load the available tables.