To allow the user to navigate from one scope to another, you need to specify the relationships between the scopes. This is called linking. To link one table with another, press add link in the Scope-Members page of the Scope-Wizard:

  1. This brings up the add-link-dialog:

Alternatively you can link using the graphical editor by dragging to scope elements onto each other:

  1. The name of your link. This should be an identifier (Starting with a letter and followed by letters or digits) Names are cases sensitive.
  2. The scope, that you link to. Select a defined scope from the combo-box or select *New Scope to create a new scope on the fly.
  3. The key in the referenced scope, that is used for the join.
  4. The key in the source scope, that will be used in the join.
  5. Specifies whether the join return one object or many.
  6. This allows faster loading of the data in some instances.

You can remove a link with the Remove button on the members page, or with the context menu on the graphical link pane:

  1. Right-click on a table-link-field to bring up the context menu.
  2. This removes the scope element from the scope.
  3. This brings up the link-wizard to modify the link settings.
  4. This removes the link from the scope. If the link is the last link to the referenced table element, then the table element will be omitted from the scope on exit.