Saving your Designs in a Template File

To save work, select File/Save or File/Save As from the menu. When work is saved for the first time or when you select Save As the file chooser dialog will appear where you can select a filename for the saved file.

The save file saves all your templates and information about the database connection. It does not save the data from your database. This information is always filled in from live data when you run a report template. To save the actual database data, run a report template and export its data. ( Exporting)

The default extension for ReportWeaver template files is .rwx.

Opening a Template File

To open a repository, select File/Open from the menu or click on Open in the toolbar.

This will open the file chooser dialog. The default extension for ReportWeaver files is .rwx

Opening a Template File with a Different Database Connection

When you save a template file, ReportWeaver will register the schema definition file used for creating the report templates in the template file. Upon opening the template file, it will automatically reestablish this database connection. However, your schema file may have moved. E.g., when you move the template file to a different computer or when you deploy your templates. You can then use the menu item File/Open with different database . This will open the template file using the file chooser dialog and then prompt you to

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