The page properties defines how the page is formatted. The properties are stored in a style sheet, that can be reused in other templates.

The name of the page style used in this report. This name can be overwritten to create a copy of this report that is listed under the page styles. The new name must not begin with a '*'.
Paper Size:

The paper size to use for the report. There are 3 default paper sizes available: A4, A5, Letter. Select Custom to create a new custom paper size.

The orientation of the page. Landscape or Portrait.
Top/Bottom/LeftRight Margin
The page margins. The top and bottom margins are the distance to the page header.
Integer/Float/Date Format
The default format for numbers. It can be overidden in cells and views. This is a Java formatting string. seeNumber/Date Formatting

Text Style

The property sheet for a page style also shows the text properties that are used as default for the page. seeText Properties