The property sheet displays the properties of all elements you can edit in ReportWeaver. In most cases these are the properties of the currently selected cell.

Initially the properties area may be minimized. It is shown at the bottom of the structure pane. To view your properties drag up the splitter bar, or use the quick size buttons of the splitter bar. Alternatively select properties from the view menu.

Note:Cells are nested into a hierarchy of components. E.g. a cell in a table is nested in the table which itself is nested in the body frame which is nested in the template page. To access the properties of the components higher up in the hierarchy, use the select menu. It lists the components between the currently selected component and the root.

Properties are available for the following elements:

  1. Report Properties
  2. Page Properties
  3. Frame Properties
  4. Table Properties
  5. Cell Properies
  6. Field View Properies