Specifies the sizing of the cell grid. To set the row/col sizing select a cell on your page. From there you can set the size of the whole row or column.

Row/Column sizing is at the heart of dynamic layout. Please see seeDynamic Grid Layout.

If you want to fill a form and place cells into specific locations, then it is best to work from the top left downwards.

If you need to place a single cell at a specific location, then put it into a frame by itself and enter an absolute position for the frame.

Note: The tab only appears if a cell is selected. If you select the style alone it is hidden, because these properties only apply to a specific cell.

You can set the cell width to a specific value or you can make the cell flexible. To set a fixed width/height, please choose one of the units (mm, cm, inch, pt).

If you set the size to Flex then the cell will be made as big as the biggest cell in the row/column. Additionally the cell will be stretched if space is available.

If you set the size to min, then the cell will be made as wide as needed to accomodate all data, but it will not be stretched.

Note:  If the space is not sufficient for all data, then all cells will be truncated proportionally. If your text content is quite long you should consider setting the text type to flowing in the cell properties pane.