There are two ways to run a report from the IDE.

Running the report template currently being edited.

This is done by selecting the Run button from the toolbar, or by selecting View/Run from the menu.

Running a specific report template

Please open the report list in the structure pane, and press the right mouse button over a report to pop up the context menu.

  1. Use Edit to look at the design rather than the resulting output.
  2. Select Run to run the template and to seeview it interactively.
  3. Print Sends the report directly to the default printer.
  4. Print... Pops up the printer selection dialog, and prints the report on the selected printer.
  5. Export CSV Select export to run the template and to export it in an office compatible format. (Comma separated values- CSV)
  6. Export HTMLSelect this to generate the report as a html file which can be viewed in a web browser. Export as Html also supports the XHtml format which can be used to process the resulting file with XML tools. (E.g. XSLT Transformations) Pops up the seehtml export wizard to configure the export.
  7. Export XML Generates an XML file from the report. This is different from the xhtml format, as it is not layout, but rather data oriented. Pops up the file chooser to select a file to write to.
  8. Export PDF Generates an Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) file for the report.
  9. Run The run button in the toolbar runs the report in the editor. (Not the one in the template list)

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