The Data Document Server is based on the the standard J2EE server framework Apache-Tomcat.

The data document server is required if you want to run reports or generate documents centrally for many users. It is not required for report development and for Desktop through the Template Studio, because this has a built-in run time engine.

If you already have a Tomcat service running on your server, then you can run the data document server directly in your server. If not, please install the Tomcat service. The Tomcat server can be downloaded from: It is recommended to use version 5.5.

After downloading, please start the Tomcat installation on your server.

start tomcat installation

You should select at least

  1. the service installation.
  2. and the menu access to the managment console.

Of course you can also install all the other components and add-ons.

On the configuration page, please enter the port, to be used by the server and choose an administration user.

Tomcat Configuration
  1. The port where the server listens.
  2. The name of the adminstrative user. This user is independent of any operating system user.
  3. The password of the adminstrative user.

Now you only need to choose your Java virtual machine.

Java VM Configuration
  1. Please select the directory of your Java runtime environment or Java development kit.
  2. You need at least a Java 5 compatible virtual machine.

After this your server framework is installed. You can now deploy your reports into the server. For more details, please see Deploying reports as a web-service