To edit the text properties of an element use the text properties tab in the style sheet.

The text properties are cascading. This means that a text style cascades from an enclosing element to all inner elements. The inner elements can override this inherited text style with their own text style. The outermost level at which you can set a text style is the *default page style. From there it cascades to the page style of the report template. from the page style it cascades to the style of the top level frames (Header, Body and Footer). After that it cascades to the inner frames and to the tables. The innermost level for setting text styles are the cells. Inner frames and tables can be nested arbitrarily and style information cascades through all these levels.

This scheme enables you to set the text styles very quickly and consistently. If you want to use the same font in all cells of you header, just set the font information in the header frame. If you want to set a common text style for a table just set it in the text styles of the table.

Therefore text styles appear in the property sheet of of pages, frames, tables and cells.

text properties

This shows the text styles with the default built in values.

Overriding and Inheriting Styles

When a style property is inherited from the enclosing element, then the style sheet indicates this with ... a value

  1. This indicates an inherited style. Therefore the forground colour of the text will be determined from the setting in the environment.
  2. This overrides the setting of the font style and sets it to 16 points. The font remains inherited, so any font setting will just be displayed in a larger size. This setting is frequently used for table headers. It also makes the font bold.
  3. This sets the font to not-italic. Note:This is different to not setting the italic property. (Inheriting it). If the enclosing element had set the italic property to yes then inheriting it would make it italic, while explicitly setting it to no forces italics to be off.

Foreground/ Background Colors

When you click into the value column of a color property, the color editor is activated.

  1. Use the drop-down-list to quickly select a preset color.
  2. Use the dialog button to pop up the color selection dialog to select a colour.
  3. Select Inherit from the combo box to inherit the color from the enclosing element.
Font Pick the font from the drop down list. Select *Inherit to inherit the font from the enclosing element.
Font Size Enter the font size in typographical points. Clear the field to switch to inheriting the font size from the enclosing element.
Font Bold/Italic/Underlined Select Yes/No/Inherit. Selecting Inherit inherits the property from the enclosing element.