ReportWeaver is the report generator for object oriented software. It provides access to various object databases and to pure Java objects.

This documentation is organized according to the level of detail users need to access their data.

Please be aware that object data usually has a more complex structure than the tables of a relational database. Therefore, there are two additional steps before you can run a report from object data. First, a logical view of the objects/classes has to be created by refining the given physical data layout. Second, design a template that defines which fields appear in a report and how they are placed on a page.

The documentation is divided into several parts:

  1. Concepts
  2. Quick introduction to the IDE
  3. The report runner.
  4. The report template wizard.
  5. The table wizard.
  6. The page designer.
  7. The view designer.
  8. OQL Reference