How to deploy ReportWeaver as a web service.

When deploying ReportWeaver as a web service, you must first decide which container (application server) to deploy in. ReportWeaver is not a server of its own, but rather integrates into popular server frameworks. ReportWeaver is designed to run in a Java J2EE or Servlet container.

If you have a J2EE compatible application server (like JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic etc) or a web application server (e.g. Tomcat) you can deploy ReportWeaver directly in these servers.

For any other server (e.g. in a .net environment, or a Caché CSP environment) ReportWeaver uses Tomcat as the container. In these cases you will first have to install a Tomcat server. You can download it for free from the Apache/Tomcat Web Site.

Once you have an appserver as container for deployment, your main task is to build a Web-Archive (WAR) This war is then copied into the deployment area of the container. ReportWeaver has a function to generate this web-archive. To use this function you have to download the Application server support file blueprint.war from the Qint Web Site.

Contents of the Web-Archive

A web archive has to contain all classes (and jars), that are accessed by a web application (in this case ReportWeaver). The blueprint.war contains the framework classes needed by ReportWeaver (e.g. Apache/Axis). Please do not deploy this file as such it will not run.

One important file does not go into the web-archive: It is the repository. Since the application container may delete the war (e.g. when the application is undeployed through the management console) it is not good to have the repository in the web-archive. Instead there is a property file, that specifies where the repository is located. This setup allows you to keep the repository outside of the servers deployment area, so that it can be easily updated or backed up.

Generating the deployment web-archive

In the Report Designer open the repository that you want to deploy and select File/Build Web Service from the menu. This will generate a file joriaWebService.war and place it in the installation directory of ReportWeaver. It will then pop-up a directory chooser, where you can select the deployment directory of your application server. (E.g. webapps for Jakarta-Tomcat)

The generator will also add an entry to the file in your installation directory, which holds the name of the directory.

Note: For licensing reasons, you can only deploy one repository per installation. However your repository may contain any number of report templates, so these are not limited.

Once the joriaWebService.war has been stored in the deployment area, the application server should pick it up and deploy it.